5 Mistakes Law Firms Make with Client Data–and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes law firms make safekeeping client personal information can cause embarrassment, cost revenue and lead to bar complaints. Lawyers are expected to understand the benefits and risks of the technology the firm uses and, in addition, are required to “…make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent […]

5 Things to Do Before A Data Breach

Knowing five things to do before a data breach can make the difference when and if one occurs in your business or firm. Planning ahead provides peace of mind and a clear path to follow. Just as important is that a state law may require that […]

Four Questions To Ask Before You Pay for SEO

Four questions to ask before you pay for SEO will make the difference in which firm you choose, what you pay and what you can expect for your money. Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be an unproven commodity and it changes continuously. Ask a website owner to […]

Learn to Supercharge Your Practice

Learn to supercharge your practice while sitting in front of your computer. Whether you are ready to delve into a new practice area or want to beef up your knowledge in your existing area, there are free online courses offered by major universities and law schools […]

Can you afford ‘lawyer’ and ‘attorney’ keywords?

With all the talk about the importance of keywords some businesses are driven to using paid keyword advertising to attract clients. With nearly 20,000 attorneys licensed in Arizona, there is fierce competition for the #1 spot in search. Such demand would naturally drive pricing and a […]

The Most Effective Way to Boost Your Credibility

You’ve heard that content is the key to your credibility on the web. Another equally important factor can make or break your success: Design. No matter how good your content, if your page is creating sore eyes, your visitors will leave. Your design must engender trust […]

Why Your Law Firm Name Matters

Are you the next “Lincoln Lawyer?” Whether you’re a solo practitioner starting out on your own or an attorney joining others to form a partnership or other form of legal entity, there are things you must know about naming your firm. Here are some tips:

• Your […]

SEO: 3000 “Likes” Guaranteed

Ever been tempted by an email promising you website visitors, top-of-the-page ranking in searches and followers on social media? The SEO company typically starts by promising to move your site from its current ranking to #1 on a search page permanently. Since I have more than […]

START HERE: Open your firm without a lot of cash

Ready to open a law firm but only have a shoestring budget? There are lots of resources for lawyers and business people to start offering services without breaking the bank. Arizona Attorney published Opening the Law Office Doors on a Shoestring Budget which has great tips on starting or […]