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About Susan Kayler

Susan Kayler practices in the area of Privacy, Data Security and Technology Law and provides Law firms, individuals and businesses with privacy assessments, data breach plans and more. Contact her at

Why Your Law Firm Name Matters

Are you the next “Lincoln Lawyer?” Whether you’re a solo practitioner starting out on your own or an attorney joining others to form a partnership or other form of legal entity, there are things you must know about naming your firm. Here are some tips:

• Your State’s Rules of Professional Responsibility – always the first […]

SEO: 3000 “Likes” Guaranteed

Ever been tempted by an email promising you website visitors, top-of-the-page ranking in searches and followers on social media? The SEO company typically starts by promising to move your site from its current ranking to #1 on a search page permanently. Since I have more than one site already at that spot, I find such […]

START HERE: Open your firm without a lot of cash

Ready to open a law firm but only have a shoestring budget? There are lots of resources for lawyers and business people to start offering services without breaking the bank. Arizona Attorney published Opening the Law Office Doors on a Shoestring Budget which has great tips on starting or running your practice using free and low cost phone, […]

SEO Truths, Tips and Trends: Seek and Find

SEO Truths, Tips and Trends: Seek and Find launches this week with a look at SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. We’ll provide truths, or things you need to know about SEO; Tips or ways to maximize your SEO even if you aren’t a coder; Trends or what is happening now and next in the search […]

Sweeping changes in internet search engines

The ability to search for local businesses has been changing gradually and now it’s becoming more difficult for potential clients to easily find a local law firm.

When we first used search engines they were wonderful for finding websites for the people, things and businesses we needed. When you searched for “dentist” the list of local […]

Domain Name Must-Haves

ICANN, aka the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has been launching new top-level domains called TLDs for the past year. This is important because as we run out of .com names, the choices are more than .net or .org. Lawyers can now use TLDs like .lawyer, .attorney and soon .lawfirm. This is expected to […]