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The advantages of a lawyer-designer

“I saw the practice of law changing with the widespread use of the internet. At first most attorneys were unaware of the impact a website could have on their practices. It has changed now and having a presence¬†isn’t enough. The real power of the web comes from the influence of the design. Everything we do online, now more than ever, must be designed to evoke confidence and instill trust. Lawyers, design and technology are a perfect fit.”¬†

  • A website design that builds trust with your clients
  • An easy process so you can devote your time to your practice
  • A powerful result with the features you need to serve your clients
  • An internet presence that grows with your practice

Susan Kayler
Susan KaylerAttorney/Designer
I build beautiful websites to bring lawyers and clients together with confidence.


Working with lawyers and law firms, of course!
  • We speak the same language
  • Trust is our trademark
  • We work hard for our clients
I started as a solo and eventually formed a partnership. I managed the law firm and grew it into a successful business. Technology made it possible to create the first online prosecutors’ offices in Arizona. I wrote the first and only book about photo radar law which led to another website to design and redesign. To read more details, visit Kayler Law Firm.
I’ll make it easy. Lawyers are busy people. We are perfectionists. When we get involved in anything, we learn all we can and we aim to do it the best it can be done. That’s how we approach each case–with the end, i.e. “winning”, in mind. Many lawyers shy away from websites and technology. It can seem intimidating and there aren’t lots of readymade resources to easily get us up to speed. I know you have a business to run. Put web design in the hands of a lawyer and keep your focus on your business.
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